About Cliff Wold’s Outfitting Co.

Cliff Wold’s Outfitting Co. is one of the oldest canoe trip outfitters in the Ely area. We started outfitting in 1961 with 5 canoes, 6 tents, 24 packsacks, 24 paddles, 24 sleeping bags, 6 cook kits, 6 axes, saws, shovels, and tarps, and other miscellaneous items, plus a 1957 Ford station wagon and a canoe trailer to haul the canoes, food, and equipment for customers to various departure landings.  Not such a great start, but by 1972 Cliff Wold’s had grown to be one of the largest and leading outfitters (outfitting more than 3800 people in 1972 complete with food and equipment) in the Ely area, and still is one of the largest – if not the largest – complete outfitting companies in the area. But we’re not too large to give you the personal service and attention that will need for a successful canoe trip experience. Cliff Wold’s is strictly a canoe trip outfitting company. We do not operate a resort, gift shop, restaurant, bait shop, gas station, or any other business with outfitting as a sideline. As specialists in the outfitting business, we leave those services to specialists in those fields… QUALITY CONTROL is the key to our success!