What to Bring

Boundary Waters Canoe Trip Packing List

Cliff Wold’s complete outfitting package includes all the lightweight camping and canoeing equipment needed for an enjoyable trip. All you need to pack for your canoe trip is personal clothing and any other necessary items.

Remember to Pack Light – everything must be portaged!

Essential Items:

  • 1-pair water footwear (shoes or boots)
  • 1-pair campsite footwear (tennis shoes or moccasins)
  • 2-pair socks (synthetic or wool)
  • 2-pair extra socks for camp
  • 2-pairs underwear
  • 2-pair pants (quick drying)
  • 1-pair shorts and/or swimsuit
  • 1-lightweight long sleeve shirt
  • 1-t-shirt
  • 1-wool sweater/fleece jacket
  • rain gear (jacket & pants)
  • hat with visor
  • sunglasses and lanyard
  • sunscreen and lip balm
  • insect repellent
  • flashlight or headlamp (new batteries)
  • pocket knife/multi-tool
  • compass
  • towel and wash cloth
  • toilet articles
  • first aid kit (one per group)
  • personal medication
  • water filter/purification

Optional Items:

  • fishing gear & tackle
  • camera in waterproof container
  • binoculars & field guides
  • water bottle
  • fanny pack
  • notebook & pencil for a journal
  • book, playing cards, etc.

Spring & Fall Extras:

  • warm hat
  • insulated gloves
  • insulated jacket & pants
  • long underwear (top & bottom)
  • waterproof boots