Van Shuttle

Our complete outfitting package includes free transportation of food, equipment and group members to and from any landing within 22 miles of Ely when only one van is required. Our vans, when equipped with trailers, will haul up to 10 people plus food and equipment. Rates are one-way per van.

Entry PointComplete
01 – Trout Lake$80.00$90.00
04 – Crab (Burntside) LakeFREE$30.00
06 – Slim Lake$40.00$50.00
12 – Little Vermilion (Crane) Lake$170.00$180.00
14 – Little Indian Sioux River$80.00$90.00
16 – Moose River$70.00$80.00
20 – Angleworm Lake$50.00$60.00
23 – Mudro Lake$60.00$70.00
24 – Fall LakeFREE$25.00
25 – Moose LakeFREE$45.00
26 – Wood LakeFREE$35.00
27 – Snowbank LakeFREE$50.00
30 – Lake OneFREE$45.00
31 – Farm LakeFREE$35.00
32 – South Kawishiwi RiverFREE$50.00
33 – Little Gabbro LakeFREE$55.00
34 – Island River$80.00$90.00
35 – Isabella Lake$85.00$95.00
37 – Kawishiwi Lake$185.00$195.00
75 – Little Isabella Lake$65.00$75.00
77 – South Hegman Lake$40.00$50.00
Ely (ELO)FREE$35.00
Hibbing (HIB)$200.00$250.00
Duluth (DLH)$250.00$300.00

Towboat Shuttle

We can arrange to haul your canoes, equipment, and group members by boat from Moose Lake. A towboat shuttle can save up to a day’s paddle, allowing your group to travel deeper into the wilderness. Rates are one-way, per person. Tow rates are subject to change.

DestinationRate Per Person
Ensign Lake Portage$30.00
Birch Lake (Indian) Portage$30.00
Prairie Portage$30.00
 (2 person minimum)
Washington Island$72.00
Back Bay Portage$82.00
 (3 person minimum)