Alan H – Clear Lake, IA

My first trip to the BWCA was in 1976 with several fellow recent high school graduates. We were definitely novices. I think most portages took at least 3 trips. Near the end of the week one of our crew got pretty sick. We made a long push and got back to the landing a day early and in the middle of the night. Getting to a payphone (yes kids believe it or not there was a time without cell phones) we called the number we had for Cliff Wold. There were no questions asked, he had someone sent out to get the canoes and gear and we were put up in a bunkhouse. The next morning no complaints about a late night call just fresh coffee and concerns that everyone was OK. Cliff had our back and that kind of service is what keeps people coming back. Time warp 30, almost 40 years into the future, I’ve made numerous trips with our scout troop and just last year with my boys. While Cliff is no longer with us his business is still just like it was that very first trip. Ryan Olson and his staff deliver that same amazing service that Cliff was famous for and those are some awesome shoes to fill. That is what keeps me coming back (and the coffee).