Kim K – Manitowoc, WI

Cliff Wold’s and the BWCA are synonymous. The rich history of paddlers that have come through these waters can attribute their life changing experiences to Cliff and Sue Wold. This traditional and dependable outfitter has put together the real deal!

Our group of first time paddlers in the BWCA believe we were treated like royalty. Since it was our first time paddling the Boundary Waters our group decided to rely on an experienced Outfitter. A good friend of ours who has paddled the Boundary Waters for 30 years said, “You have to use Cliff Wold’s, you won’t be sorry!”.

  • After our initial request for assistance, Cliff Wold’s was there to answer every question concerning registration, gear, maps, navigation, preparation, meals and skills.
  • Cliff Wold’s has current, relevant, light weight and durable equipment that will make your experience unforgettable. You request it, they deliver!
  • The staff was very responsive to our individual needs. We had a vegetarian in the group and they supplemented/modified meals to compensate for her needs.
  • The bunkhouse was spacious, comfortable, clean and affordable for the two days we needed a place to reside.
  • We wanted to experience fishing on the Boundary Waters and Cliff Wold’s provided live bait the morning we departed.
  • The evening we arrived Cliff Wold’s verified our trip plans, route and maps. They discussed safety issues, recent fires in the area and wildlife sightings.

Our group, just like groups before and groups yet to paddle, were completely satisfied with Cliff Wold’s as our Boundary Waters Outfitter. We highly recommend you rely on this group of unselfish, hard-working individuals to make your experience the dream of a lifetime!