Ron G – Barrington, IL

For over 20 years my brother-in-law and I have been using Cliff Wold’s to outfit our wilderness trips. That alone should say a lot about what I think of Cliff’s, but it doesn’t tell half the story. Since Ryan has taken over the business, he has improved our experience by upgrading equipment while keeping the basics like the food and service at the same high quality – actually, even better than before. Ryan has helped customize our trips based on what we like and enjoy. The food is good and plentiful. Even when we bring the younger guys with big appetites, there is always plenty for everyone to eat.

Two of our last three trips demonstrated the level of service Ryan cheerfully provides. On one trip, we were seven hours late arriving at our pickup point due to a rain storm and high winds. We expected we would be camping in the parking lot until the next morning. To our surprise and delight, Ryan was there waiting for us. On another trip we needed to be picked up a day early due to a family emergency. Miraculously, we were able to make a cell phone call and arrange for Ryan to pick us up early the next morning at a convenient pickup point.

Ryan is knowledgeable about the BWCAW and helps us plan our routes based on local conditions that vary from year to year. Suggestions on the best fishing spots and things to see (such as Dorothy Molter’s island and Ribbon Rock) add to our enjoyment. Small suggestions like using canoe seats made paddling easier and more comfortable. All equipment is kept in top notch condition.

Even after 20 years, we expectantly look forward to our Boundary Water trips. We are confident that we will be well taken care of by Ryan and his staff.